Recycling Reminder

As Spring is “springing” up across the country, here’s a reminder straight from my book  @BerniesEscapefromOngIsland. Think of it as a preview before you run over to my website to purchase it. ?‍?
1️⃣ Litter is no laughing matter. Check out my previous posts that dig into the dangers of litter, especially once it makes its way to the oceans. Speaking of oceans…
2️⃣ 1.5 million pounds of plastic are dumped into the ocean every hour. No wonder we have real Ong Islands all over our oceans (most famously, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, but there are more). Hey, speaking of more…
3️⃣ Recycle more. Use less plastic. Pick up trash. These are things to do continually.
Warmer weather brings about more outdoor activities and more opportunities for people to lose control of their trash.
In a world full of Ongs, be like Bernie.