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About the book

Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island is an exciting adventure starring Bernie, a beloved puggle (half-pug, half-beagle, 100% awesome) from Austin, Texas. Bernie and his human, Sammy, are taken on a journey to an exotic trash wasteland where their lives are turned upside down. Will Bernie, Sammy, and their new friends find a way home? Will they ever be free of the island and its polluted pitfalls?


Join Bernie and Sammy on this wild ocean adventure as they discover the truth about the dangers of pollution and how it impacts the world’s wildlife. A portion of all profits from Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island will be donated to organizations devoted to the cleanup of the ocean, reusing plastics found in our environment, and promoting a circular economy.

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About the Author

Harris Family

Jessica Harris (formerly Vogel) has over ten years of experience in energy efficiency with a background in mechanical engineering, project management, construction administration, and extensive experience with utility energy incentive programs. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology and is now the proud owner and President of Harris Energy Solutions, a Women Business Owned Entity headquartered in Austin, Texas.


Jessica is also the proud mother of two children. She relocated to the Austin area with her husband from New Jersey. When she’s not working or writing, Jessica enjoys working out, spending time with her family, and hiking.


Jessica has a passion for protecting the environment and is currently working on a children’s book series to educate and encourage action addressing the dangers of plastics in the ocean, deforestation, and pesticide pollution. Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island is her first children’s book.

Help Bernie save the environment


Try to purchase goods you really need—everything from clothes to toys.
For example, on average, a piece of clothing will only be worn seven times before it is thrown away. Let’s break the fast fashion cycle by only buying what we need and loving what we have! Bernie treasures his treats, chew toys, and stylish dog shirts even more now.


When something breaks, try to fix it instead of running out for another expensive alternative.
You can also shop secondhand and even sell some of the things you don’t need anymore to others. Bernie gave his extra tennis ball to a neighbor dog in exchange for a bone the dog was tired of playing with.


Spend time researching what your local area offers regarding recycling programs. See how you can help further the cause! If there isn’t a recycling program nearby, start your own! Bernie and Sammy convinced their whole street to start separating recycled products out of their trash after describing their escape from Ong island.


Make lifestyle changes to benefit Bernie’s less-is-more plan! Act by becoming involved in your local government, agencies, and other organizations that stand behind environmentally conscious efforts. Sammy’s mother and father have been telling their work friends to make an impact with their wallets. If everyone stopped buying single use plastics, then large corporations would be forced to make more energy conscious alternatives.

Environmentally Friendly Corner

AP Moller-Maersk has extended their partnership with The Ocean Cleanup. The Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization, is developing advanced technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Their goal is to achieve a 90% reduction in ocean plastic. Maersk provides marine offshore support and end-to-end......

Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island has recently donated to a local multi-cultural book drive (Fr1ends of the Ch1ldren located at 1023 Springdale Road Austin, TX)! This book drive aims to collect children’s books (pre-K through young adult) that feature BIPOC (black, indigenous, people of color)......

Zero-Waste is a lifestyle movement that reduces one’s impact on the environment as much as possible. Zero-Waste focuses on sustainability and protecting the environment. Most people start by replacing all disposable items they use with reusable ones. Some examples include food packaging, clothing, hygiene products,......

Happy New Year! If one of your resolutions for this year is to lower your ecological impact, Sammy and Bernie are beyond proud of you! One of the best and more accessible ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to swap out plastics in your......

🎵 I’m dreaming of a GREEN Christmas! 🎵 Here are some eco-friendly tips to make your Christmas and Holiday season a little more green! If you’re still looking for last-minute gifts, my book Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island is a perfect gift to educate others......

TED is a nonprofit organization that posts TED Talks online to promote “ideas worth spreading” through short, powerful talks. TED Talks are important because they fuel a passion and drive people to become educated and connected to the world and the problems around them. Watching......

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