February Donate Challenge

It’s almost time for traditional “Spring Cleaning” but I want to get a head start. So here I am, challenging you to join me as I declutter and donate items during February!

I’ve made a list of categories and things to focus on—there is one for every day in February. You can do a little daily, or do it all at once. Whichever way you choose works!

The point of this is to bring awareness of your household items, and gratitude for those items in hopes of buying less over time. Relax and reflect on donated items when you’re done. Studies indicate that awareness and gratitude for the items we have in our homes allow us to actually reduce what we consume and purchase! For example, if your donation pile includes multiple scarves and coffee cups, perhaps you won’t buy so many in the future and tell your generous friends and family not to give those for the time being.

Additionally, donated items benefit people who are less fortunate, especially when you choose a local organization that truly helps those in need. Personally, I donate to women’s shelters as they help women get on their feet after leaving a difficult situation. Donating items that are still in good condition is one big way to ensure items are reused beyond your desires.

Remember, this is about reducing what we buy, so if you know you’ll need an item soon, I do not recommend giving it away. I want to encourage you to be brave and let go of items that you haven’t used in years, and I also want you to be frugal and not give away useful items that you’ll have to replace soon.

Who’s with me and what’s on your list?