Sweater = Mittens!

Who has a sweater (or two) that they don’t use anymore, or don’t even fit anymore? Between my husband, children, and myself, I could easily find eight sweaters in our home that are just taking up space in our closets.

If any of those sweaters are too tattered to donate, then I have this cool idea for you: turn them into mittens! Swipe through the photos to see the step-by-step instructions, including tips to stop the fraying that seems inevitable with a cut sweater.

The longest part of the process is letting the Dritz Fray Check dry; otherwise, a pair of mittens will materialize before your eyes in no time. This is a great activity for children of age to practice hand-eye coordination and patience. It’s also a wonderful way to reduce what we buy (by not buying new mittens or gloves) and reuse what we have creatively. It’s why this is a win all around in my house!

I shared this idea with one of my craftier friends, and she had the idea of making many pairs from one sweater and donating them to a local homeless shelter since there are a couple of months left in winter.

What do you think? Is this something up your alley? Tag me when you give this a try!

Be careful with those scissors and needles, readers! Happy crafting!