What is recyclable? Holiday Season Edition

This Holiday Season, make sure you’re disposing of your waste correctly. To start, what cannot be recycled? 

  • Holiday cards with glitter, foil, or metallic embellishments.
  • Wrapping paper that is metallic, glittery, or foil-lined.
  • Gift bags that are glittery, metallic, or foil-lined. Instead, save the bags to reuse next year!
  • Ribbons and bows, keep to reuse next year.
  • Foam packing needs to be thrown away.
  • Tree netting also has to be thrown away, but make sure it cannot be blown away and become litter!

Now, how about some ways to lessen your waste overall during this holiday season?

  • Choose gift wrapping materials made from recycled content that are also recyclable.
  • Reuse papers from magazines and newspapers as tissue paper.
  • Try to use reusable gift bags versus wrapping paper that gets used once then tossed.
  • Instead of things, try to gift services or experiences!
  • Shop local to support your community.
  • Get creative with how you give! See some examples below on how to give with less waste:
    • Mixing bowl to hold baking supplies
    • Flowerpot to hold gardening supplies
    • Reusable laundry bag/hamper to gift new clothes
    • Lunchbox for a zero-waste lunch kit



Image by Speedy McVroom from Pixabay.