Reuse This and That

As the weather cools (and the mosquitos go away), I love to turn off the A/C, open the windows and sit with my kids to craft. You guessed it, I also love to reuse things that I have around the home already. Here are some ideas I’ve collected to reuse this and that around the house for my fall décor this year.

? Tin Can Flower Pot ? This is an adorable way to reuse the many tin cans we have. After finishing the products inside, clean the can and strip the label. Place the can on the floor, and step on the bottom end of it. This will widen it and create the perfect vase for hanging on a door or wall. If you plan to use real flowers, then be sure to insert a small piece of an oasis sponge to help them retain moisture. Use a power drill to create two holes that will hold the ribbon or yarn as the hanging device. Insert flowers in your desired design, then thread the ribbon or yarn through the holes you created. The best thing about this is that it can be saved to use next season with different flowers, or given to someone to brighten their day—like a teacher, a first responder, or a person in a retirement home.

? Tide Pod Jackolantern ? This is new-to-me and a fun way to use the Tide Pod jugs. You know I’m not a fan of single-use plastics, and this is one way to reuse this particular one that snuck into my home. There are jackolantern stickers sold online and in many stores in-person; we plan to use our thick sharpies to draw the faces as spooky as we wish. One of my kids still has a small LED flashlight that doesn’t get used often, so we will insert that into the jug to make it glow the whole season. This is also a decoration piece that can get reused during future Halloweens.

? Framed Button Signs ? This one is my favorite because I have plenty of old frames and plenty of loose buttons in my sewing kit. If you don’t have that, then I recommend shopping at your local second hand store to find some. The good thing about this project is that multiple types of glue can work: super glue, hot glue, even Elmer’s glue. Think of your favorite word of the season and spell it out with buttons in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to you. Glue them down, let it dry laying flat, and there you have it: a new sign to place on your mantel, or gift to someone who will appreciate it.

Increasing sustainability efforts is hard work, and it’s important to sit back and have some fun. That’s what I plan to do with my kids this fall. What are you going to create this season?