Youth Climate Action Day!

Youth Climate Action Day is on October 23rd, 2021!


What is Youth Climate Action Day about? 

Youth Climate Action Day is a worldwide movement of young people who are concerned about climate change and global injustice. Since 2012, young people in several countries of the world start concrete actions for climate protection and climate justice around the date of the UN-Climate Conference. They point up possibilities for action and learn from each other. The many ideas and actions are shared via social media and become visible on the Climate Action Day world map.


How do I participate? 

Whether you do it with your friends, youth group, school class, siblings, or alone – develop your own action ideas for Youth Climate Action Day!

You can send an email to or post your idea on to tell everybody about your plans.

On Climate Action Day, share your environmental action via social media! Let us know what you are doing for a better climate – post your photos or videos with #climateactionday


Need Action Ideas? 

Check out!/home to find more information and to see the Climate Action Map!