What is Sustainability? New Podcast & Giveaway!

The basis of sustainability revolves around the fact that everything we need for survival depends on our natural environment and resources. Sustainability is the ability of humans to coexist harmoniously with the environment in such a way that supports both present and future generations. Sustainability is such an important topic, especially in the media today, that sometimes we can become desensitized to it. However, by continuing to learn about human’s effects on the environment and ways to help, we can do our part to help the planet. 

Jessica Harris, Author of Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island, met with Stephanie from the Sustainable Minimalists podcast to talk about the circular relationship between popular culture and popular opinion. There is also a giveaway for a signed copy of Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island on Instagram? Want to enter? Here is how!

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Entries due by 11:59 PM EST on Monday 5/3!