Ways to Reuse Glass Jars at Home

Glass can be a great alternative to plastic. Instead of having a kitchen full of plastic containers/utensils, check out how you can reuse glass jars at home.

  1. Organize Pantry with Jars – You can store ingredients like spices and some non-perishables in glass jars in the pantry.
  2. Upcycling Ideas Using Glass Jars – Find fun decor you can make using glass jars!
  3. Reuse Jars as Drinking Glasses – You can reuse jars as drinkware, making your summer lemonade more aesthetically pleasing!
  4. Reuse Glass Jars as Vases – If you have a cool-shaped jar, repurpose it as a vase to show off your flowers.
  5. Marinate in Jars – You can marinate meats and other ingredients in glass jars instead of plastic bags/containers.
  6. Store Leftovers in Jars – Ditch the plastic to-go containers and store your leftovers in glass!