Un-“boo”-lievable Halloween Energy Facts!

Halloween is just around the corner! To get into the spooky season, check out these frightful energy usage statistics*!

  • The United States uses 18% of the global energy use despite only making up 5% of the global population! The U.S. wastes 283 kilowatt hours per month…that is the same as baking a pumpkin pie at 350 degrees for six consecutive days!
  • The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) runs an annual report for ranking global energy-efficiency. In 2016, the United States was given a “D”.
  • The classic horror movie scene where the character escapes to the car just for the car to not start might actually be a good idea in reducing carbon emissions. If every U.S. business let employees work from home half of the work week, CO2 emissions would reduce by 51 million metric tons annually. This would be the same as taking EVERY New York commuter off of the road for a WHOLE YEAR!
  • Drafty windows as well as inefficient appliances costs the U.S. $300 billion a year to offset energy loses.


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*Facts from Direct Energy Business