“TED Talk” on Plastic Waste!

TED is a nonprofit organization that posts TED Talks online to promote “ideas worth spreading” through short, powerful talks. TED Talks are important because they fuel a passion and drive people to become educated and connected to the world and the problems around them. Watching TED Talks is a great way to be introduced to an issue you had little knowledge about. A popular assignment within schools is to make a “TED Talk” about an assigned problem or topic. This encourages in-depth research and comprehension of the topic to have a full discussion about the subject and persuasive techniques to solve said problems.

A family friend who is a senior at our local high school was assigned to make a TED Talk for one of her classes on Plastic Waste. She allowed us to post a copy of it to our blog – take a look!

We challenge you to make an educational video (like a TED Talk) on your favorite sustainability topic! If you’d like, we can post it to our blog as well to help get your hard research spread!