Sustainable Toothpaste!

Here’s a little exercise for you. Can you list 5 things that you do every day? What about things that you do 2 times or more a day? Was one of those things brushing your teeth? Most toothpaste tubes are non-recyclable, which means that something that we use at least twice a day, every day, will eventually end up in our landfills. That is a lot of toothpaste tubes! In fact, it is estimated that in the US, 400 million toothpaste tubes are thrown away every year! Is there any way to lower our environmental impact when it comes to toothpaste? Turns out, there is! Toothpaste tablets are little mint-sized tabs that you put in your mouth, chew it up, and begin brushing your teeth to make it foam like toothpaste! The company, Bite, makes toothpaste bits that are made with vegan-friendly ingredients like coconut oil, guar gum, and xylitol. The container is in a refillable glass jar, which is infinitely recyclable. The company ships its products using recyclable, post-consumer newspaper-made envelopes and fully recyclable cardboard. When you order refills, you get your bits in a compostable pouch. If you are interested in toothpaste bits from Bite, check them out on their website