Sustainability Tip: Clean-up After Yourself at the Beach (or Anywhere)!

🗑👀 It seems like plastic waste and trash are everywhere these days, because unfortunately, it is! Especially after a holiday like Independence Day.

♻♻ Here’s your sustainability tip for the week: clean-up after yourself at the beach (or anywhere really). A trip to the beach or a park can take a lot of materials, and far too often, us humans lose track of our trash—in other words, we litter.

🌬🌊 This litter gets blown by the wind into the rivers and water systems that we depend on, and it is left for other animals to handle, which is a huge problem for our whole planet’s ecosystem.

🚯🌎 Do your part to fight this problem, and remember to pack a sack to collect your trash. If you are able to do so safely, consider picking up ten pieces of trash left by others who weren’t thinking so environmentally friendly.

💡🤔 Also, consider swapping out single-use plastics for reusable items, including but not limited to canteens for your water and silicone reusable baggies for your food (or other tupperware).

👀📖 Learn more about the impacts of human plastic consumption and litter in #BerniesEscapefromOngIsland.

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