Recycle Your Old Sandals!

Once your shoes are to the point where they cannot be worn anymore, most just get thrown out. However, some brands like Teva want to change that. Teva partnered with TerraCycle to create their TevaForever Recycling Program. Once you are ready to say goodbye to your well-loved sandals, you can ship them to Teva for free! TerraCycle and Teva will work together to reuse the recyclable material from your old sandals and turn them into new things like running tracks, playgrounds, and more! Hopefully, more shoe companies will modify their products and create their own reusable or recyclable products so that consumers can feel good about “throwing away” their old shoes. 


“Teva sandal owners can now take comfort in knowing that when their favorite pair of sandals finally wears out, they won’t experience any of the guilt that comes with throwing them away,”

-TerraCycle founder Tom Szaky