Problematic Plastic Pellets

If you remember our first blog post, you already know that all plastic is created by heating small plastic pellets. Now, try to imagine what serious harm millions of tiny plastic pellets could do when they pollute our waterways and oceans. When marine and wildlife inevitably end up ingesting these plastics, the pieces do not easily digest. The consumption of plastic can make many species of animals sick and even die at alarmingly fast rates. Not only that, what about when we eat an animal that has ingested plastic? That plastic found inside the delicious plate of salmon you ate the other day is now inside of you as well. Plastic pollution isn’t just a problem for wildlife and nature as it directly comes back to affect us. Thankfully, on September 24th, U.S. Senator Udall presented his Plastic Pellet Free Waters Act. The purpose of this act is to ban the pollution of these pre-production plastics pellets. Hopefully, more actions like this are taken to decrease plastic pollution’s harmful effects on our ecosystems. If you’d like more information on the act, click here for the blog from the Plastic Pollution Coalition.