Plastic Alternates!!

Instead of having to use to-go cups and plastic water bottles, a great replacement is to get a
reusable cup! You can get lots of fun, personalized ones, and they typically keep your beverage
colder/hotter for a longer time than plastic to-go cups/water bottles!

A single trip to the store can end with LOTS of plastic bags. Why not invest in a couple of
reusable bags? They are durable, more stylish, and can save tons of plastic bags from ending
up in landfills and water ecosystems.

Plastic straws can’t be recycled because they are too small to go through the recycling process. Wild animals are very likely to mistake plastic straws for food, so ease their troubles by
purchasing a set of metal or silicon straws.

Did you know that your toothbrush is really hard to recycle? To be able to recycle it, all the
materials have to be separated, and most recycling centers won’t accept them. If you switch to a bamboo toothbrush, the handle can decompose in your compost bin! Contact your local
recycling center to see if they take the bristles from the toothbrush.

What other plastic swaps have you made in your household and lifestyle? Are there any of our
suggestions that you’d like to try?

Here is a list of plastic alternatives! Plastic swap list