Plant-able Pencils!

A common experience for almost every childhood is growing up coloring with colored pencils. Whether it was at home, or in school, colored pencils and even just regular pencils were part of an everyday routine for most of us. Now if you reflect back to your teacher’s classroom, or look around your home, how many colored pencils and pencils do you think you could find? How many are barely used, and how many are so small you can no longer write or color with them? What happens next? Most people just end up throwing these pencils and colored pencils away. However, there is a company that makes plantable pencils! Once you are done with your pencil, you plant it in soil, water it, and wildflowers, herbs, or even vegetables will grow! If you are interested in changing your art materials to be more sustainable, check out sprout here:

Here are some of the planting guides and plant information from the plantable pencil company!