Jessica Harris Speaking at ERCOT Market Summit!

Jessica Harris, Author of Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island, spoke at the ERCOT Market Summit in Austin, Texas. She moderated a panel on Off-Grid Capable Homes and Microgrids for Resilience in Texas. This summit has 85 expert speakers with 21 content-packed sessions.


Topics discussed throughout the summit encompass

  • Assessing how legislative, regulatory, and market rule changes will impact ERCOT in 2022 and beyond;
  • Understanding how transmission constraints are affecting the market, and potential solutions to increase capacity and improve reliability;
  • Hear how the energy needs of sophisticated new customers will drive development strategies;
  • Evaluating how changes in price formation and new perspectives on risks are affecting opportunities to deploy solar, wind, and storage in ERCOT;
  • Learning what will be needed to assure the bankability of projects in ERCOT.