How to Support Local Bookstores – “Bernie’s Escape From Ong Island” Now Available at Book People!

We have exciting news! For Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island fans that live in Austin, Texas, you can now find our book online and in stores at Book People ( We are very excited to partner with a fellow local business! 

There is nothing better than the feeling of holding a book in your hands while reading. A great way to help your local economy is to shop at your local independently owned bookstores. One of the ways you can do this is by ordering directly from the independent bookstore’s website. If the store does not have a website where you can order books, you can visit This company sets 10% of profits aside to donate to independent bookstores.  If you prefer audiobooks, look for companies that support independent bookstores. Other ways that you can support locally owned businesses is simply telling your friends about the bookstore or even giving gift cards to fellow book-lovers. 

Try supporting your local, independently owned bookstores to help out your community! If you’re from the Austin area be sure to check out Book People to purchase a copy of Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island!