Hey Humans: Jada Smith’s New Sustainable Personal Care Line

Jada Smith created a new sustainable, 99% plastic-free personal care product company. Hey Humans, is available now at Target. There are four products currently available: body wash, body lotion, natural deodorant, and toothpaste. The website highlights that their products are made from recyclable aluminum or paper, vegan & cruelty-free, clean & naturally derived, and all products are $6 or less! Hey Humans mission is to “reduce plastic on our planet – and that starts with the products we use every day. Turn your daily routines into rituals that make you feel your best and help protect the planet.” Not only are is the company focusing on limited plastic materials, but the company believes that the future should be free of: 

“Plastic -> Ends up in landfills and the ocean

Animal Byproducts -> Derived from the body of an animal

Animal Testing -> Performed on living animals

Palm Oil -> Driver of deforestation

Parabens -> Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Phthalates -> Endocrine-disrupting chemicals

Triclosan -> May disrupt thyroid function

Silicones-> D4 and D5 harm the environment

Dyes -> Harmful when absorbed into your skin

SLS/SLES -> Irritates your eyes, skin, mouth, and lungs”


The great thing about Hey Humans is that not only is it sustainable and environmentally friendly, but it is also affordable and accessible. The next time you are shopping for personal care products, think about changing your routine to include environmentally friendly products like products from Hey Humans!