Help Bernie Save the Environment!

There are endless ways to help the environment, and I invite you to explore four ways listed in my book, Bernie’s Escape from Ong Island.

Purchase goods you really need. Whether it’s clothes, toys, or everything in between, slow down and think if you really need the item. Buying less means less waste makes its way to the landfills.

When it breaks, fix it! Many times, things that break only require a simple fix. I encourage you to learn how to fix it yourself, or trade with someone who does know how.

Further the cause locally! Find out what your area does in terms of recycling programs. Not every municipality has a recycling program. If you live where there isn’t one, check with waste management to see how you can help create one.

Make lifestyle changes. A little change goes a long way, and a lot goes even farther! Speak with your money by finding alternatives for single-use plastics, get involved with local government, or other organizations that are environmentally conscious.

Bonus way to help save the environment: share this with a friend to spread the word! The more people that are aware of how their behaviors impact our environment, the more likely we are to see widespread change with the deepest positive effect.

What are you already doing from this list?
What else do you want to add to your environmental action repertoire?