Environmentally Friendly Confetti

Confetti is a fun and aesthetic addition to parties, celebrations, and photoshoots. However, most confetti is made out of plastic materials and pollutes the environment. Could you imagine how long it would take to pick up every single piece of confetti thrown before the wind gets a hold of it and blows it everywhere? Instead of celebrating in a way that ends in local waterways and animals’ stomachs, you can use biodegradable confetti! 

There are a couple of different alternatives to confetti. One of these is making your own confetti from leaves. Just gather some leaves and a hole puncher in your desired size and shape and cut away! 

Another way is to use dried flowers. Dried flowers can last a while, so you can prepare for your event ahead of time!

A fun one would be to use flower seed bombs that either explode when they hit the ground or slowly dissolve to release seeds for wildflowers. This way your event can leave behind pretty flowers instead of harmful plastic. 

Another way to nurture the environment instead of harming it is to use birdseed as confetti! The birds will definitely appreciate the snack that they get!

Try out these eco-friendly alternatives for your next celebration where you would normally use confetti or glitter!