Climate Change Jobs

Goals are an important part of life. If you’re here, then one of your big goals in life is to help slow down climate change. That means that you are conscious of things like:

? Recycling

? Reusing things

? Turning off lights when you’re not using them

? Saving water by not letting faucets run

? Picking up your trash when you make a mess at home, in the neighborhood park, or at the beach

Those are fantastic things! Always do the good things that you already do!

As you grow, so will your capability to have a greater impact on your part of the world. So, let’s talk careers! Right now, your most important job is to be a kid—to have fun, to listen and learn from your parents, guardians and teachers, and to grow in a healthy way. And before you know it, it’ll be time for you to join the world of working people. But what do you do when all you care about is helping to slow down climate change?

Bernie and Sammy have some ideas.

? Environmental Lawyer—help legally protect the earth from companies that pollute

? Climatologist—study long-term weather patterns and research the effects of carbon emissions

? Renewable Energy Technician—maintain renewable energy sources so they run properly

? Fashion Designer—create clothes that don’t pollute so much

? Business Executive—help companies make decisions that help the environment

No matter what you do in life, remember that no one person can save the earth from climate change,
so just do your part!

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