Candy Wrappers: Halloween’s Environmental Impact

After all the trick-or-treating and all the Halloween parties, children’s baskets are filled with delicious Halloween candy. While all that candy is sure to cause a sugar-rush, the wrappers are also more than likely going to end up in the landfill or as litter.

Most candy wrappers are produced from plastic and aluminum. While both of these items are recyclable, it is hard to properly separate since plastic and aluminum isn’t recycled together. So, the easiest option is to throw the wrapper away. The problem is, these wrappers are small and lightweight and can easily get blown by wind while in your trashcan, on the garbage truck, or while sitting in the landfill. Once this happens, that candy wrapper is in the environment.

Since plastic takes years to break down, once these candy wrappers are in the environment, they’re going to stay there for a while.


Photo: Gizmodo

However, there are ways to fight this plastic pollution!

  1. Switch to healthier treats that require little wrapping/packaging
  2. Look for sustainable candy brands!
    1. Check out the following brands:
      1. Organic Chocolate Bars & Truffles | Alter Eco (
      2. Sustainable & Environmentally-Friendly Candy Options (
      3. Shop locally for bulk candy to pass out – small shops may have sustainable packaging
  3. Hand out goodies other than candy such as Halloween pencils, recyclable crafts, paper goody bags, etc.


Halloween’s impact on the environment doesn’t have to be scary! Talk to your friends and family about ways they can reduce their landfill contributions the days following Halloween.