Build your own Cloud Spotter!

The next time you are ready to recycle cardboard, set some aside to build your own cloud spotter!

Have you ever noticed that clouds don’t always look the same? This is because there are different classifications for clouds. The three main categories are cumulus, stratus, and cirrus.

  • Cumulus clouds are the types of clouds you probably imagine when you think of clouds. They are fluffy and puffy, they’re low down to the ground, and can be seen during fair weather.
  • Stratus clouds are typically seen during stormy weather. They look like flat sheets, are high up in the sky, and can be seen during overcast or rain.
  • Cirrus clouds look like stretched-out cotton balls. They are feathery or whispy, high up in the sky, and can also be seen during fair weather.


Now that you know the different types of clouds, it is time to build your own Cloud Spotter.

Using a piece of recycled cardboard, cut out a window in the upper half to look at clouds through, and write down the information from the picture above. You can print out pictures of the clouds using this PDF. Clouds Print Out

Your finished product should look like this:

Enjoy cloud hunting!



Idea from @jam_potatoes on Instagram.