A Fun Alternative to Straws!

The year is 2021. There are lots of alternatives to single-use plastic straws. Starbucks switched over the sippy cup lids and paper straws. Stores have metal, glass, bamboo, and silicone reusable straws available for purchase. There are even travel cases made specifically for reusable straws so that even on-the-go, people can use their sustainable straw over a single-use plastic one. 


Now, great news for 90’s & early 2000’s kids, Kellogg’s is bringing back their Cereal Straws! These straws are lots of fun for drinking a glass of milk, and perfect for drinking the leftover milk after a bowl of cereal. 

While these straws are fun & we can make jokes about “caring for the turtles”, it is important to recognize the damage that single-use plastic straws can do. Check out the infographic from the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. 


Be on the lookout for Kellogg’s Cereal Straws in October of 2021!